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It Takes Two
Daniele Frazier

Oct 2-Dec 4, 2022

It Takes Two features two 18-foot inflatable sculptures of a hammer and nail which were handmade by the artist. Recalling the flailing tubular figures that typically flank the entrances to discount stores and used car lots — these forms are set to “dance” next to each other in the empty lot of Sweet Pass. Frasier writes, “this perpetual dance between these two iconic symbols of construction and progress will serve as a greater metaphor about cooperation.” Situated in the sculpture park, visitors can easily find evidence in the surrounding site lines of impending and current development. As the two sculptures collide and flutter, inflate and collapse — so, too, the histories of the neighborhood entangle with these new constructions.

trey burns sweet pass sculpture park

Installation view of It Takes Two

trey burns sweet pass sculpture park

Installation Detail

trey burns sweet pass sculpture park

Artist at Fuel City (Dallas, TX)

Daniele Frazier is an artist living and working in Brooklyn, New York. Originally from Mill Valley, California, she graduated from the Cooper Union School of Art in 2007 where she received the Jacques and Natasha Gelman Trust Award. Daniele has created ten unique public artworks and maintains a studio where she makes sculptures and drawings. Her process intersects her interest in formal aesthetics with a research-based and socially-engaged practice. She focuses on themes of ecology, climate change, natural history, art history, and social critique. Daniele’s work humorously addresses the politics inherent to public art itself such as gender inequality, the difference between public and private space, and the definition of ownership. Daniele has worked extensively with the NYC Parks Department and her work has been shown at The Queens Museum, Socrates Sculpture Park, Guild & Greyshkul, Museum 52, Rivington Arms, Ritter Zamet, and Gavin Brown’s Passerby, among others.

Installation View