trey burns sweet pass sculpture park trey burns sweet pass sculpture park trey burns sweet pass sculpture park
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Black Power Naps Park / Parque Siesta Negras

October 24 - December 10
Wednesday, Friday, Saturday 3 - 7pm
(weather permitting)
Email for appointment:

A multi-sensory exhibition featuring grass-covered mounds for lounging, tie-dyed hammocks, a soothing soundscape, windchimes and mood lighting all confronting themes of mass incarceration, reparation, environmentalism and neighborhood development

trey burns sweet pass sculpture park

Curated by Ignite/Arts Dallas Director Clyde Valentín and SMU Pollock Gallery Director Sofia Bastidas Vivar, Black Power Naps Park/Parque Siestas Negras is an interactive multi-sensory outdoor installation at Sweet Pass Sculpture Park that offers rest as a form of reparation. “It invites visitors to lounge, reclaim idleness and consider the power and energy that has been exhausted from those who are Black, Indigenous and people of color (BIPOC),” said Acosta and Sosa. “It also looks at historical records documenting the deliberate fragmentation of restorative sleep patterns to subjugate enslaved people.” Black Power Naps has been presented in cities such as Miami and Madrid; this is its first outdoor exhibition. The installation features hammocks and mounds of grass in yonic shapes that welcome multiple resting bodies amid a serene soundscape of wind chimes and a soothing playlist.

trey burns sweet pass sculpture park
Navild Acosta and Fannie Sosa: ‘Black Power Naps/Siestas Negras’, installation view // Photos by Xeno Rafaél
trey burns sweet pass sculpture park

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