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It Takes Two

Daniele Frazier

Exhibition Closed
See you in the spring!

It Takes Two features two 18-foot inflatable sculptures, made by the artist, of the iconic forms of the hammer and nail. Recalling the flailing tubular figures that typically flank the entrances to discount stores and used car lots — these forms are set to “dance” next to each other in the empty lot of Sweet Pass. Frasier writes, “this perpetual dance between these two iconic symbols of construction and progress will serve as a greater metaphor about cooperation.” Situated in the sculpture park, visitors can easily find evidence in the surrounding site lines of impending and current development. As the two sculptures collide and flutter, inflate and collapse — so, too, the histories of the neighborhood entangle with these new constructions.
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Yifan Jiang and James J. A. Mercer

trey burns sweet pass sculpture park
VACATION (2022, 25:10min) follows a protagonist road tripping home from college. A sudden volcanic eruption totals his car and destroys all his possessions. Barely surviving, our destitute star makes an unremarkable patch of beach his home. An absurd fable on the nature of nature unfolds as he meets three animal companions; an intransigent seagull, a brilliant spider hidden in a broken laptop, and a divorced fish battling for custody over her 50,000 children.
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Yifan Jiang
James J.A. Mercer