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Francisco Josue Alvarado Araujo

Artist in Residence

March 6 - April 10

Over the course of six weeks, Sweet Pass will become Francisco Josué Alvarado Araujo’s work space, culminating in an open studio on April 10th. A recent graduate from TCU, Francisco works with found and donated materials to create site specific interventions and installations. There is an urgency to his work; arranging, balancing, and playing with what he refers to as “an object's principals”, attempting to make sculptures and situations levitate. With the park in a transitional state, the grounds waiting for envelopment from its spring wardrobe, and Francisco, a recent graduate transitioning to post-academic life, we saw simpatico. The lot Sweet Pass inhabits, which has spent part of its life as an illegal dump, provides an interesting context for Araujo’s consideration of use, dilapidation, and assemblage.

trey burns sweet pass sculpture park

Francisco Josue Alvarado Araujo is an artist living in Fort Worth, Texas. He received his Master of Fine Arts in Sculpture from Texas Christian University in 2020 and a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Printmaking from the University of North Texas in Denton, Texas in 2015. Invested in the collaborative act, he has been involved in multiple DIY group exhibitions and projects with the intention of expanding the notion of the exhibition space.

trey burns sweet pass sculpture park