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Sept 18 - Dec 11, 2021

Nearly Natural

Andreas Angelidakis
Julien Creuzet
Gabriel Cohen
Ricardo Morales-Hernandez
Letha Wilson

trey burns sweet pass sculpture park
Curated by Nathaniel Hitchcock
The exhibition’s title, Nearly Natural, is appropriated from the American company by the same name—a vendor of artificial, silk trees and hedges. The titling reflects the contemporary status of the landscape as a massively collaborative, mediated plain where a multitude of disparate technologies have made marks, sculpting its meaning and exchanging its elements. The presented artists express understandings of the landscape that question the interrelationships between technologies of illusion and the act of inhabiting a site. The exhibition unfolds with interplay between the digital and the physical; visibility and invisibility; tourism and residency; and the historical and personal.